Invited Speakers

The invited and guest speakers refer to those speakers who have been invited as keynote speakers.  Such speakers are reputable speakers since they are experts in their filed of practice. Invited speakers, furthermore, talk about the international trends in information security products, methodologies and management issues.   These invited speakers are listed below in no particular order:

Mark Pollitt (Keynote) Information Security in the 21st Century
Andreas Schaad (Keynote) Observations on security in large-scale industrial landscapes
Joachim Biskup (Keynote) Principles of Inference Control Applied to Controlled Query and Update Execution
Johann van der Merwe Lifting the cloud on security
Elize van der Linde Information Security Key enabler of Information Governance
Craig Rosewarne Lessons from the Boer war trenches - aligning security (and multiple assurance functions) to business requirements
Dino Covotsos Hiding a giant Analysis of Next Generation Botnets
Dominic White Online privacy, the next battleground
Barend Taute Trust in the Information Society - Trends, Challenges, Foresight, Research Topics
Jock Forrester Policy, process and mandate for a successful eCrime/eDiscovery unit in large corporate