Conference Sponsor and Organisers


IEEE South African Section

We are pleased to announce that this year ISSA is co-sponsored by the IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society (SMCS) Chapter, a chapter of the IEEE South Africa Section.


International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP)

The International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) was established in 1960 under the auspicies of UNESCO as a result of the first World Computer Congress held in Paris in 1959. To mark its 50th anniversary in 2010, IFIP is a supporting sponsor for the ISSA 2010 conference.



Conference Organisers

University of Johannesburg Department of Business IT

The Department of Business IT has extensive resources to facilitate excellence in terms of the graduate and post-graduate courses on offer. These include the lecturing staff, as well as computer laboratories, libraries and constant exposure to industry through various projects. We offer comprehensive qualifications that include vocational and academic direction of study.  The main research focus areas include information security management, IT project management and advanced application paradigms.

Visit the Department's website at:

University of Pretoria Department of Computer Science
The University of Pretoria Computer Science Department offers opportunities for studies in BSc Information Technology and BSc Computer Science on under- and post-graduate levels. These comprehensive, industry-relevant courses cover a number of the facets of information technology.
Visit the Department's website at:

University of South Africa School of Computing
The School of Computing at Unisa offers comprehensive tertiary distance education in the computer-related fields. These offerings are available to any student from any part of the world. Students can enrol for a wide range of qualifications from single modules certificates, through to obtaining PhDs in the fields of Computer Science, Information Systems, or Information Technology. The School consists of four departments: Theoretical Computing, Software Development, Software Construction and Systems Organisation. It has access to an excellent range of resources to facilitate both education and research. The specialist areas of research are Information Security, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Ethics, Theoretical Computing, and Electronic Education Technologies and Strategies.

Visit the School's website at: